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Transportation Project Request Form

Your input on future transportation projects is welcome. The Transportation Improvement and Maintenance Program provides the public an opportunity to make a request to improve county roadways. The program is Pinal County's five-year transportation plan that identifies funding and establishes a tentative schedule for planning, construction, and major maintenance projects. Transportation project requests are accepted year-round and considered for inclusion typically in the fifth year of the transportation program.
Funding for the program is provided by revenues from Pinal County's Transportation Excise Tax, the half-cent road tax, approved by voters in 2005. The road tax funds construction, maintenance, and roadside development projects throughout the county. Shopping and buying your gasoline locally ensure that quality transportation projects are planned and implemented. 

Full Address

Road Type

Select the appropriate Project Category

Select Paving if:

  • There is traffic congestion
  • Would like existing dirt road to be paved

Select Dust Control if:

  • Traffic generates excessive amounts of dust

Select Pavement Preservation if:

  • Existing pavement shows signs of deterioration such as potholes, cracks, etc.

Select Safety Improvement: if:

  • Requesting traffic signal
  • There is a need for pedestrian facilities such as sidewalks, walkways, curb ramps, etc.


Requested Project Location

Is the location a road or intersection?

Request ID

You will be provided with a Request ID upon submission.

Please note: Once you have submitted your request, it will go through a process to determine eligibility for the Transportation Improvement and Maintenance Program. Your request is not granted automatically. If eligible, the proposed project is further evaluated and then added to the fifth year of the transportation plan.