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Human Resources


Exit Interview Questionnaire

We appreciate you taking a few minutes to answer the following questions. Your feedback is important for us so we can learn and continuously improve for current and future employees. Please be as honest as possible.

How long have you been employed with Pinal County?

Will your next job be in a related field?

How satisfied are you in receiving recognition for your achievements?

How would you rate the level of morale within your department?

How satisfied are you with the level of training you received?

How satisfied are you with the salary you received for your position?

How satisfied are you with the benefits that were provided?

What prompted you to seek alternative employment? (select all that apply)

What might have encouraged you you to remain with Pinal County? (select all that apply)

My supervisor developed cooperation and teamwork.

How consistently did management reward you for good work?

How easy was it for employees to disagree with the decisions made by management?

How well did your supervisor handle employee problems?

How realistic were the expectations of your supervisor?

How comfortable was your department's work environment?

How safe did you feel at your assigned workplace?

How much room for professional growth did you have within the department?

How would you rate the level of communication within your department?

In a typical week, how often did you feel stressed at work?

How well did the members of your department work together to reach a common goal?

How likely are you to recommend Pinal County as an employer?