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Barking Complaint Form

Please fill out the complaint form to the best of your knowledge. If you don’t know the information put Not Available. Here at Pinal County Animal Care and Control we strive to find the best way to serve our community. We want the best possible outcome for our residents. Noise complaints about dogs from citizens happen frequently. The noise ordinance for Pinal County is 101817-ACC Section IV. In order for PCACC to issue a citation and schedule a hearing for excessive noise, a criteria must be met to ensure validity of the complaints. At no time will PCACC remove an animal from a property due to a noise complaint. The reporting parties must follow this criteria listed below:  

  1. The citizen must have tried to make contact with the dog owner either in person or a friendly note. (notes containing vulgar and offensive language do not get the outcome people would like)
  2. See if your community HOA or management office have policies for noise restrictions. (Sometimes they can take action faster than we can)
  3. Check with other neighbors to see if this is a problem in the neighborhood. You MUST have TWO other neighbors willing to appear in court with you.
  4. Have you or fellow neighbors tried bark deterrent devices from your own yard? Such as sonic bark deterrents; many of these devices can be purchased in local and online retailers.

When three or more parties have an excessive noise complaint at an address and meet the criteria, please fill out the Excessive Noise Complaint Form. All complainants must complete a 7 day barking log.   

Your complaint may be rejected and here is why: 

  1. Incorrect owner information.
  2. Less than three reporting parties at different addresses.
  3. Reporting party does not live within reasonable proximity of the barking dog.
  4. Does not meet time restrictions. Any barking during the day time will not be taken into consideration.
  5. Barking log is not 7 consecutive days.
  6. All parties must be willing to appear at a hearing.

In the event you are in a rural area where 3 neighbors are not available you may submit a barking complaint but it will be reviewed. 

Be aware if your complaint meets the criteria, we have to give the owner notice before a citation can be issued. You will be required to maintain a barking log for another 7 days minimum. If the barking has not stopped in that time period, a citation can be issued. A hearing date will be given for the earliest the officer can issue; generally 30 to 45 days from the date of issue. In that time it is highly recommended you maintain your log.   

If the reporting parties do not show up to the hearing the case will be dismissed. Also officers cannot testify to dogs barking, when officers arrive to issue citations or educate dog owners, dogs are expected to bark when they are at the property. 

We understand that there may be other reasons a person has in regards to noise complaints caused by dogs. They may not fall under this criteria set up by PCACC. In these cases you have options you can use; Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) such as Mediation or Arbitration. These two are fast, effective and can be relatively inexpensive. The other option is filing a civil suit at your local Justice of the peace.  

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Excesive Noise Questionaire

Have you spoken to the residents of the property the dog lives on?

Have you spoken to other neighbors to see if this is a disturbance of?

Do you currently reside on the property neighboring the property the dog lives on?

Are you willing to maintain a log book of the date, time and duration of the dog barking?

Are you willing to go to a hearing and testify to the legitimacy of your log book and any other evidence and testimony you may have about excessive noise if a citation is issued?

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