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Pinal County Sheriff's Office - Adult Detention

PCSO - Victim Survey

Law Enforcement Performance

Did you receive notice of your rights at the time the crime was committed?

Did Law Enforcement treat you with fairness, respect and dignity?

Were you informed of the date, time and location of the defendant’s initial appearance?

Law Enforcement Overall Service Rating

Rate the service provided to you by Law Enforcement personnel:

Victims' Rights Performance

Were you informed of the outcome of the Initial Appearance?

Were you informed of the Defendant’s release and the terms and condition of release either by telephone or by letter?

Did the Victim’s Rights section treat you with fairness, respect and dignity?

If the Defendant was indicted on the charges, were you informed and given a contact number for the Victim Services Division of the Pinal County Attorney’s Office?

If the Defendant was sentenced to jail, were you informed of the earliest date of release?

Victims’ Rights Overall Service Rating

Please rate the service that was provided to you by the Victims’ Rights Technician: