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Subcontractor Registry

For Township 1 North Range 8 East
(Apache Junction Area)

Arizona Revised Statute ยง49-474.06 requires subcontractors to obtain a registration number if they meet both of the following conditions:

  1. Work in a serious PM10 Nonattainment Area, in Pinal County this is Township 1 North Range 8 East (36 square miles bounded by McDowell Road on the north, Baseline Avenue on the south, Meridian Road on the west and Barkley Road on the east).
  2. Engage in dust generating operations that require a permit.

This form allows you to apply for your subcontractor registration number. Fill in all the required information and submit the form. Pinal County Air Quality will send you a registration number via email. A printed copy of the email containing your Subcontractor Registration Number must be readily accessible on any site conducting dust generating operations.

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