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Comprehensive Dust Control Training

Dust Control Coordinators
For Township 1 North Range 8 East (Apache Junction Area)

For job sites located in Township 1 North Range 8 East and spanning five or more acres Arizona Revised Statute §49-474.05 requires permitees to have a Dust Control Coordinator onsite at all times during primary dust generating operations (for example earthmoving operations). Among other qualifications a Dust Control Coordinator must have completed comprehensive Dust Control Training.

At this time, Pinal County does not have a formal comprehensive training program for Dust Control Coordinators. Instead, the Pinal County Air Quality Director has decided to honor certifications issued by Maricopa County, which operates a certification program under the same statutory mandate.

For projects that require an on-site Dust Control Coordinator, anyone who has a current Comprehensive Dust Control Training Certification under a program approved by the Maricopa County Air Quality Department will be deemed to have adequate credentials to act as a Dust Control Coordinator in the affected portion of Pinal County.

Basic Dust Control Training
For Township 1 North Range 8 East (Apache Junction Area)

Arizona Revised Statute §49-474.05 requires site superintendents, or a designated on-site representative, and water truck / pull drivers to complete this Basic Dust Control Training once every three years if all of the following apply:

The project is located in a serious PM10 Nonattainment Area, in Pinal County this is Township 1 North Range 8 East (36 square miles bounded by McDowell Road on the north, Baseline Avenue on the south, Meridian Road on the west and Barkley Road on the east).
The project requires a dust control permit or registration.
The project has more than one acre of disturbed surface area.

To complete this training you must answer all the questions below. Once you have answered all the questions click on the submit button. Pinal County Air Quality will review your submission and will send you a certificate if you have answered at least 80% of the questions correctly. The Basic Dust Control Training Certification is valid for three years. Upon expiration you must retake this training and obtain a new certification.

Click here to view a copy of the Pinal County Air Quality Construction Rule Summary. You may want to print a copy of the brochure for reference while you answer the following questions.


Company Address

All questions require an answer

What does the term trackout mean?

What should be done to disturbed areas before the end of the day?

Which operators should arrive before earthmoving begins at a construction site?

Which of the following are appropriate control measures for limiting trackout onto paved streets?

Wind barriers without the use of other controls are an adequate control measure on an active site.

Trucks leaving a construction site should?

Halting earthmoving operations during a high wind event is considered a good dust control measure.

The placement and use of access roads next to residential properties is a good dust control practice.

Which of the following control measures are appropriate to use when starting a new project?

Vehicles that are on the job site should?