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GIS Data Request

Select the data block(s) and complete the information below. Data files are usually sent within 2-3 business days once payment has been received. When your request has been fulfilled, you will receive an email with a file share link to download your files. 

Note: Specialized software may be required to use and view this GIS data. Acquiring necessary software or conversion of the data to any other format is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

This data may be acquired for commercial or non-commercial purposes and must be in accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes §39-121-03

Requester Information

Will this data be used for a commercial purpose?

Data Format

Data Selection

Addressing - Includes: Street Centerlines, Pinal County Zip Codes, Situs Address Points

Parcel Information - Includes: Parcel Boundary, Subdivisions, Assessor Market Areas, Assessor Parcel Books

Note: Parcel data only includes parcel boundaries and Assessor Parcel Number.  For ownership and/or mailing information, please contact the Assessor's Office directly.

Authorities - Includes: Active Management Areas, Community Facilities Dists, County Improvement Dists, Domestic Water Imp Dists, Electrical Dists, Flood Control Dists, Fire Dists, Hospital Dists, Incorporated Cities, Institutes of Technology, Irrigation Dists, Irrigation and Water Delivery Dists, Redevelopment Dists, Sanitary Dists, School Dists, Street Light Imp Dists, Union High School Dists

Land Use Data - Includes: Comprehensive Plan

Land Data - Includes: Closed Range, Municipal Plan Areas, Municipal Trails, Open Space, Wilderness Area

Survey - Includes: Section Township Range Annotation, Pinal Boundary, Control Network Sections, Control Network Survey Lines, Control Network Survey Points, Control Network Townships

Voter Information - Includes: Justice Precincts, Supervisor Districts, Voter Precincts

Zoning Data - Includes: Zoning